George Markwardt of Herkimer, New York could NOT believe his eyes when he stopped for his coffee Sunday afternoon.

"With the recent weather extremes we have had in Central New York, seeing this sign added even more humor to it," said Markwardt of the accidental blunder.  "It tied in perfectly to my mind set as I was grabbing a cup of coffee."  It certainly felt that cold this time last year, but snow was the real story over the weekend.

The sign reading the absurd temperature of -196 degrees was, clearly, accidentally being shown on the Rite Aid in Herkimer.

After a huge snowstorm and cooler temperatures in the long-term forecast, a little mistake like this is quite welcome. So what does Markwardt think of this whole winter thing? "The one thing we can be thankful for is spring just around the corner!"

It may not have actually hit -196, but it is only March!

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