Utica Police have released a list of the Top Ten Most Wanted for the month of February. The most serious offense facing those on the list is 25-year-old Charles Phillips, who is wanted on a charge of second degree murder.

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Phillips is sought in connection with the shooting death of a 17-year-old in December of 2020. Jezhier Johnson was shot several times on City Street following an altercation involving the victim's sister, and another woman, Charisma Hunt, police said days after the incident. Police believe Johnson 'intervened' in that dispute, believe that's why he was targeted. Hunt, 23, has also been charged with second degree murder in the teen's slaying.

Utica, NY Police Top 10 Most Wanted, Feb, 2021 (via UPD)
Utica, NY Police Top 10 Most Wanted, Feb, 2021 (via UPD)

Six of the other nine on the list are wanted for criminal contempt. One man is a registered sex offender accused of failing to report; another man is wanted is wanted for criminal possession of a weapon. There is one woman on the list, China Harris, who is accused of assault.

Utica Police say they've receive many questions from the public about why so many on the list face seemingly low-level, misdemeanor charges. That's because once a suspect is indicted on felony-level charges, the case is moved to the county-level and handled by the District Attorney's Office, UPD Sgt. Michael Curley told WIBX.


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