Former Congresswoman Claudia Tenney who is challenging current Representative Anthony Brindisi to multiple debates is suggesting eight debates because she claims Brindisi has a lot to answer to.

Brindisi, who defeated Tenney in 2016 is making his way through the conclusion of his first term in office in NY-22, says he plans to debate Tenney multiple times.  Brindisi accepted the challenge to debate when asked on Keeler in the Morning recently, on WIBX 950.

A spokesman for Tenney's campaign, Sean Kennedy, said "votes in New York's NY-22 District deserve to hear directly from those who seek to represent them in Congress."

Our campaign looks forward to working directly with media and civic organizations who wish to host debates. In fact, there should be at least eight (8) debates, allowing voters across the district to hear from both candidates on a range of important issues in the lead-up to the election.

Claudia Tenney is proud of her record, her beliefs, and her accomplishments and is eager to share them with the voters. Anthony Brindisi has a lot to answer for. A proud Marine mom, Claudia has always fought for Central New York and the Southern Tier’s small businesses, seniors, middle-class families, farmers, and our military and veterans.

According to a release sent out on Monday by Tenney's campaign, the former Congresswoman said, "Bring on the debates."

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