Burger King's sales over the last year have dropped by eight-percent and they're making changes to turn things around, according to Eat This Not That.

Expect changes in signage, advertising and even newly designed packaging in order to spark declining sales.

Items Returning to the Fast Food Chain

Guess which item is coming back to the Burger King menu? According to People, Cheesy Tots, the cheese filled tater tots as a side menu item are making a comeback to BK restaurants. Cheesy Tots were discontinued from the menu more than a decade ago and made a brief comeback as a special in 2019.  The tots will be sold for $2 at Burger King and it's not clear how long they'll stay on the menu.

Burgher King is also revising they're chicken sandwich, as they step up in preparation for the big chicken sandwich wars. They're also adding the return of the Sourdough King for a limited time, a burger that features a sourdough bun.

Burger King is also debuting new colorful wrappers for their sandwiches, according to Eat This.com.


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