All Severin Beckwith and Anna Brettmann wanted to do was get some sleep after rain overtook several days of their hike. That nap was quickly interrupted when police showed up and knocked their door down.

The couple, from Ithaca, New York, have been hiking the Appalachian Trail since the end of September. While napping at a lodge in North Carolina, they heard loud knocks on their door. Next thing they know, police have barged into their room and are holding them at gunpoint.

Why? According to The New Yorker, Beckwith resembles Brian Laundrie, whom one could argue is the most wanted person in America at this current moment. He's the sole person of interest and a fugitive involved in the high profile murder of his fiancé, Gabby Petito.

US Marshalls had gotten tips from several people saying they spotted Laundrie on the trail. To their disappointment, it was just Beckwith, whom may have some features similar to Laundrie (he hadn't shaved his beard, some head similarities) but also some distinct differences.

No hand tattoos. And more importantly, no identification linked to the last name Laundrie.

The New Yorker says that employees at a nearby marina where Beckwith stopped with his girlfriend were the ones who called police. When Beckwith had asked to use their telephone to call for a shuttle to the lodge to nap, the employee snapped a photo and sent it in to police. Also, the room that they had booked was connected to a New York ID, where Petito was from, which was enough for them to head to the lodge for arrest.

Authorities suggested that Beckwith shave his face to look a little less like Laundrie.

The lodge apparently gave the two a free night’s stay—in a room with a working lock—and free breakfast for their. “It was a buffet,” Beckwith told the New Yorker. “We took as much as we could.”

There's been several instances of tips for individuals who look like Laundrie. Despite different tips, weeks have gone by, and he has yet to be located. Local and federal investigators are currently on the hunt to find him.

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