Two local Carbone dealership locations, one in Yorkville and the other in Utica, have been sold.

Formerly owned by Lithia Motors, the dealerships will have a change in name. Adam Fitzpatrick, Chief Operating Officer for Leadcar confirms with us that both dealerships will now be known as Leadcar Buick GMC Utica and Leadcar Chevrolet Yorkville. We will update this article with more information from Adam this week. Leadcar also owns dealerships in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri.

These two dealerships in Central New York are currently the only two dealerships in New York for Leadcar. They will be run by a Central New York native. Both local dealership websites have already been converted over to Leadcar, and the signs at both location are in process of changing as well.

According to WIBX, the Carbone Auto Group was sold to Lithia Motors back in September of 2016. In October of 2021, the Steet Ponte Auto Group acquired Carbone/Lithia Nissan. Steet Ponte Nissan is located on Commercial Drive in Yorkville.

This story will be updated with more information from Adam and his team at Leadcar.

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