Utica, NY (WIBX) - A Utica Councilman announced his concerns today regarding a lack of answers to questonable accounting practices by some Utica officials.

Councilman Frank Vescera says several incidents have occured regarding the uses of Utica's finances, such as one specific incident where an official both issued and signed himself a check for over ten-thousand dollars.

He says when it's an issue regarding Utica's taxpayer money, it is his job to address the matters.

Vescera says, like himself, other councilmembers have also gotten no response to the same questions.

"The City's finances are in such poor shape, and not getting proper, accredible answers for the conditions of these, and having the Comptroller's office stonewall and not even respond to my request as a city official, it only underscores the frustrations that our local residents have," said Vescera.

He went on to say he is just doing his job, and that bringing these issues to the public isn't about politics, but rather, an issue for taxpayers.