While the COVID-19 numbers are starting to subside and vaccines are continuing to be distributed, many notable Central New York events are still being postponed or moving to a virtual platform. That is the case for America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk and the Health and Wellness Expo.

The local chapter of The American Heart Association has announced this week will consist of several online events to promote health and wellness to prevent and combat heart disease. The digital health and wellness expo will run from Monday, May 10, 2021 to Friday, May 14, 2021. Each day there will be a different theme promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Monday will be kicking off the week's events and they're calling it "Eat Smart Motivational Monday." Throughout the day there will be healthy and delicious recipes shared in an effort to encourage people to eat at home as a family and build better eating habits.

On Tuesday the theme will be "Art With Heart Tuesday" using creative expression to help inspire kids to eat healthier and live active lifestyles. The Heart Association will be providing videos and coloring pages for parents to download and print. Who doesn't like art?

Then, we will have "Move More Wednesday." On this day, there will be actual videos produced by local fitness experts in order to encourage those working from home to get up and get moving. With many people still working from home, it can be easy to become stagnant and not get the proper amount of exercise. Association officials are offering a binge break with the #MadeYouMove Alphabet Challenge.

Stress and depression are things that can negatively impact your physical health. Thursday, the focus is mindfulness and mental health. "Mindfulness Thursday" is designed to keep the focus on relaxation. Meditation and activities like yoga can help improve sleep patterns, make you more balanced and possibly lower the risk of heart disease.

The best part about living a healthier lifestyle is the ability to do it on a budget. The theme of the expo on Friday will be "Financial Wellness Friday." The idea is to teach the basics of money management and how to build a positive relationship with money. The idea is to make sure your finances are as healthy as you are. Financial issues can lead to stress, which can lead to physical health issues.

The week's events will culminate with "Celebration Saturday." On this day there will be a number of surprises and you are encouraged to get up and start walking. You can share your photos with #HeartRunWalk. You can get more information on this week's event by visiting the virtual event Facebook page. Get moving and enjoy your health.

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