Utica Police officials say they have apprehended the man listed at No.1 on the department's Most Wanted List.

The arrest of Anthony Green came on Monday on the 200 block of Genesee Street.

Police say Green, 37, was being sought on several charges including third-degree assault, Criminal Obstruction of Breathing, False Personation and criminal contempt.

In announcing the arrest, police officials said Green had been able to elude arrest for several months and had become a 'high priority' target for UPD.

New Photos of the new Downtown Utica Wynn Hospital (February 2023)

Just eight months before it's scheduled to open, MVHS officials took WIBX's Bill Keeler and Jeff Monaski, along with Photo Journalist Nancy L. Ford through the new Wynn Hospital in Utica. The new downtown hospital is expected to open in November.

Stay At This Stunning Affordable Airbnb In Utica New York

Looking for a stunning place to stay right here in Utica New York? You'll love this Airbnb listing, and you'll love the price.

7 Fabulous Pools You Can Rent By The Hour In Upstate New York

Temperatures are starting to soar and it’s officially swim season in Upstate New York. Did you know you can actually rent a pool for the day to use?

There’s an app/website called Swimply that allows people with private pools to rent them out by the hour to people who want that private pool experience without having to hassle with the maintenance of pool ownership. 

Here's 9 in the Central and Upstate New York region:

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