Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Utica City School District and the city's employees will be paid on time.

City Councilman, Joe Marino, addressed concerns regarding the city's proposed 5-million dollar loan, later increased to 10-million because of the city's inability to pay the Utica School District's tax obligation on time.

"This is why there is legislation that will be proposed and I will sponsor it, along with other council members, at the next Common Council Meeting, that separates the money we receive for school taxes and for Oneida County taxes, from the city's general fund," Marino said. "This money cannot, and will not, be used again."

Marino also said he has been working closely with Utica Schools Superintendent Bruce Karam to rectify the situation.

"The School District employees will get paid on time because why should these teachers and administrators suffer for mistakes that this building has created," Marino said. "They shouldn't and they won't."

Councilman Frank Vescera was also on hand to support the action.

"My legislation, which is co-sponsored by Councilman Zecca and supported by others, provides some necessary boundaries, which would immediately prevent the Comptroller's office from spending and co-mingling School Tax collected money with the City's General Fund," Vescera said.

The Council votes tonight on the approval of the loan and the creation of the separate school tax account.