Did the two-hour NBC Dateline special on the Kaitlyn Conley trial and the death of chiropractor Mary Yoder change your mind about Conley's guilty verdict?  Do you think she's innocent or did the prosecution convince you?

Back on November 6th, an Oneida County jury found Conley guilty of manslaughter in the death of Yoder, a lesser conviction than the initial murder charge.


Prior to Conley's first trial which ended in a hung jury, Dateline spoke with all parties involved including Conley, giving us the first chance to hear from her first-hand since she was charged with murder.  On Thursday, WIBX's Keeler Show spoke with NBC's Andrea Canning about the Dateline special.  Click on the interview below to listen and then scroll down to watch Friday's 2-hour episode.

Watch the Dateline episode below:

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