When most people are frantically working to get out of the path of a bad storm, those who truly love weather are tracking and chasing it.

Nick Rodick, 16, of West Winfield is one of those with a passion for weather..seeing the storm, understanding it, forecasting it and helping those affected by it. He calls himself a 'big weather geek,' in fact.

Nick has Von Hippel-Lindau and the CNY Make A Wish foundation is helping make his wish a reality. He's teaming up with Reed Timmer of the Discovery Channel's former show Storm Chasers. He's in Texas no trying to track and chase tornado's. He's hoping to see some storms in Louisiana this week, too.

Nick's disease, VHL, causes tumors to develop in his body. He's already lost sight in his right eye, and has another tumor on his left eye. However, Nick is optimistic that doctors will be able to save sight in his remaining eye, saying he's undergone treatment and currently has 20-40 or 20-50 vision in his left eye.

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