Since Netflix and other online streaming services have become so popular, some researchers have started tracking viewing habits of each state. What Netflix show do you think New York State residents watch the most? compiled the list, because Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime don't release ratings information.

Here's how they did it:

Our team took the top 75 TV shows on Netflix, cross referenced the shows with Google Trends data, and determined which series was most likely to be streamed on devices near you.

So without further ado, here's New York and our neighboring states' favorite Netflix shows:

New York - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It looks as though New Yorkers like seeing shows with strong female leads, and our neighbors aren't much different.

Massachusetts is in-line with New York, their favorite is also Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Vermont's favorite is New Girl, while Connecticut and New Hampshire have a thing for Bloodline.

Meanwhile, New Jersey prefers Narcos and Pennsylvania's favorite is Shameless.

You can see the full breakdown of every other state and some of the trends at

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