The Village of Whitesboro has replaced the image on its village seal.

It still features village founder Hugh White in a friendly wrestling match with an Oneida Indian, but there are some changes.

Mayor Patrick O'Connor says the graphics are more crisp and clear, the Native American man is wearing a more traditional headdress, and the hands of both participants are on the other's shoulders.

Some had labeled the previous image on the seal as offensive and racist, saying it looked the Native American was being choked by White. Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' featured a segment about Whitesboro, mocking the seal and its founder.


In January of 2016, Whitesboro residents showed 'overwhelming' support for that seal. However, not long after, O'Conner said the village would replace it with one that was true to White's legacy and also reflected his relationship with the Oneidas.

Joining the Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX Wednesday, O'Connor said he couldn't say exactly when the change was made, but that it had been a couple months.


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