The Superintendent of the Whitesboro Central School District has released a statement regarding a threat made against the high school building by a student.

Upon learning of the threat school officials took immediate action with assistance of law enforcement to not only investigate it, but to ensure the safety of the students. The threat was discovered late Monday night.

Superintendent Dr. Brian K. Bellair said, "At the conclusion of any investigation, any student found to have engaged in threatening activity is subject to disciplinary action consistent with our code of conduct."

He went on to say that the school can unfortunately never eliminate the potential of threatening behavior, but they stand ready to react quick and take all necessary measures to address any threats.

Superintendent Bellair says at no time, was anyone in danger as a result of the threat.

The Whitesboro School District has released additional information regarding the alleged threat made by a high school student.

1. Law enforcement was notified and conducted a thorough and immediate investigation at our high school.

2. The threat was not verified as having been made.

3.  No weapons were brought to school.

4. The student alleged to have made the threat was not missing. The student’s whereabouts were known at all times.

5.  At no time was the high school on lockdown.

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