First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX has the last Boilermaker bib and we're awarding one person with free registration for this year's race.  The winner can use the bib for either the 5K or the 15K race on July 12th.

The winner will also receive tickets to the Boilermaker concert on Saturday night at the Stanley Theatre.  The band Classified will perform along with the Utica Pops Orchestra and the Holy Cross Academy Choir.

We have two finalists in the running:  Billy and Susan.

Billy's story is that he overslept on registration day and instead of registering, he went to church.  When he arrived home, the race was sold out.  He said he's in good shape and could run the 15K.

Susan's story is a bit different.  She said she never thought she could run the race; but, after starting a 'Cross Fit' regimen and felt like she was 'in-shape' - she decided to run a 5K race in May and she finished in just over 30 minutes.  That's when she thought she could run the Boilermaker 15K; however, the race had already sold out.  She says she would love to run the race this year and feels she can do it.

This weekend, we're giving you the chance to pick the winner, based on their story.  Click here to go to our Facebook page and in the comment section, vote for Billy or Susan.  Also, be sure to like the WIBX Facebook page and follow us.

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