The Mohawk Valley has become a hot destination for film production in the last few years and the opportunities are ongoing. You now have the chance to be involved in two major movies that plan to shoot here in Central New York.

Paul Buckley is the Utica Film Czar. That is not his official title, but it's become his unofficial one. He works for the City of Utica and acts as a concierge or go-to guy when it comes to producers and directors looking to visit our area for their projects.

Buckley says there are two big budget movies that intend to come to the city and surrounding areas, but they need some help from the local community.

One of the films, whose title is not known at this time, is looking for several locations. The filming for this one would take place from January to March of 2024. They are in need of the following:

Locations Needed

  1. Home Alone/John Hughes Film Type House - The house would be ideal if it were in the woods. The owner would have to be okay with filming inside the home and the use of blood, but that's not a deal breaker. The ideal space is an open concept layout with open kitchen, dining and living room. There must be a fireplace and the ideal house is lived in and not modern. They're looking for more of an 80s feel.
  2. Blacksmith Forge or Cave - This location could be a room that looks like a cave (black/dark) and would be able to hold blacksmith tools.
  3. College Campus - Dorms, dorm showers and a stadium seating lecture hall would be needed.
  4. Warehouse - This space would need to have tall ceilings in which to build set pieces.
  5. A Local Bar - Pretty obvious.
  6. Shopping Mall or Department Store - The store would have to be available at night and must include racks of clothes and jewelry cases.
  7. A Home - This home would also require an 80s aesthetic (browns, wallpaper, maroon is a plus). Bedrooms and other rooms needed.
  8. Hospital Set - With two vacant hospitals in town, this seems obvious but hospital equipment and an operating room would be needed.

Get Paid for These Positions

The second film is not only requiring locations, but people to get paid to actually work on the set in various roles. There is not much known about this movie either, but the following people are needed.

  1. Catering - If someone is interested in feeding the film crew, you are asked to contact Buckley.
  2. Crew Members:
    1. Production Assistants who will make $200 per day
    2. 2nd AC and DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) - The 2nd AC typically oversees film and memory card inventory and takes responsibility for transporting footage to the DIT, which is one of the roles needed as well. Experience is necessary and compensation is $300 per day.
    3. Best Boy
    4. Grip
    5. Set Teacher - This role is very specific. The person needs to be an actual teacher and needs to be certified to teach on a film set for child actors who may be cast in this film.
    6. Stunt Person who can pretend to be bad at skiing or someone who has stunt experience that is ACTUALLY bad at skiing.

Also for this film an RV (Recreational Vehicle) would be needed for mobile transport to house actors for make-up and other services.

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities and you can make some good money to be a part of these two upcoming projects. If you have any ability to assist, please reach out to Paul Buckley by emailing him at Who knows where these local opportunities could lead.

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