If you live in Central New York, you might have heard of Topix. It's a website where people can share stories, gossip on different topics, and of course, hide their identities while doing it. Generally the site is full of fake rumors, ridiculous stories, and bizarre stories. Occasionally people share real news, while other times you find stories so far from the truth, that they are truly funny.

Here's 3 of these myths on the Utica Topix board that are actually rather funny, and will distract you from the drama of the world:

1) Kim Jong Un to Buy Utica

Kim Jong Un has agreed to purchase Utica for an undisclosed amount. Sources close to Un would not reveal his reasons for purchasing Utica. Citing his love of riggies and steady diet of fine American cuisine, Utica with its poor statewide health ranking and lack of opportunity proved to be the perfect fit for the communist dictator."

It's probably 900% false that the leader of North Korea is buying Utica.


2) Creepy Librarian At The Utica Library

Remember that creepy old librarian from the kids book section at the Utica Public Library back in the 70's - 80's? I still have nightmares!"

I would imagine this person wasn't as creepy as this post.


3) New Hartford To Build Wall On Utica Border

Apparently, New Hartford is sick of Utica and they are building a wall to block Utica.

Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall and make Utica pay for it."

Seems legit right?




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