One thing I love about going to open mic nights is that you get to meet so many incredible people with awesome potential and talent. I was lucky enough to get to meet local artist Aria Anjali. I absolutely enjoyed her performance, and had a great conversation with her about her music, inspirations, and her future.

The New York City native and I met at the Towne Crier in Beacon a couple of weeks ago. She and her family also have a place in Cold Spring, and spend plenty of time in the Hudson Valley. One thing that I found interesting about her is her stage name: "Aria Anjali" is actually her first and middle names reversed. I think it sounds great either way, but I like the little name-play.

Aria Anjali
Aria Anjali

Conor: What are some of your musical inspirations?

Aria Anjali: As I was growing up, my dad was always playing old classic rock like The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd.  I liked this music and it inspired me to discover a lot of other music.  I got into old folk rock and protest music, such as Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Jim Croce. I love their lyrics. I now listen to a lot of Queen -- I am blown away by their musicianship.  I also like more recent music that is melodic and thoughtful, like Billie Eilish and Phineas. I think my songs reflect these influences; I write about the world as I see it and am always looking for flowing melody and harmony.

Conor: Besides cruising the open mics, what have been some of your favorite performances?

Aria Anjali: I am very lucky to have had so many opportunities. I opened for Sawyer Fredericks at the Towne Crier. I was invited to perform at a benefit for the people of Ukraine in New York.  This was special to me because I had written a song for Ukraine. I take guitar lessons at an awesome music school in Tribeca called Church Street School for Music and Arts. I was very lucky that they asked me to perform my music with a full band at their gala at City Winery. I shared the stage with Marshall Crenshaw, Richard Barone and others. I also just love playing open mics with my dad at the Towne Crier in Beacon and at venues around New York.

Carl Glassman, Aria Anjali
Carl Glassman, Aria Anjali

Conor: That's awesome! Very impressive! Tell us about some of your latest projects?

Aria Anjali: I've been in the studio these past few weeks recording a song called “Remember” that I hope to release soon. "Remember" is a melancholy song that some people say is one of my best songs. I've been excited to arrange it and see it come to life! It's about how people often drift apart as the years go by.

Conor: Quite a poignant subject, for sure. Now, where can people go see you and find your music?

Aria Anjali: I try to come to the Towne Crier on Thursdays whenever I can. When I get a gig I post it on my Instagram, @ariaanjali. You can find my recordings on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other streaming platforms.

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