The 21st annual “Buckle Up New York, Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign is underway.

State and local law enforcement agencies will be using marked and unmarked vehicles, checkpoints and roving details to look for unbelted occupants.

"Wearing your seat belt isn't only the law, but it's the smartest choice you can make to help prevent a needless tragedy," Cuomo said. "New York has been a national leader on this issue ever since my father helped institute the country's first seat belt law, and while we've made a great deal of progress over the years, we still see instances where they are not being used. There is no debate -- seat belts save lives and we will continue to raise awareness on this undisputable fact to help ensure all those who travel on New York's roadways do so safely."

As of November 1st, everyone in a passenger vehicle needs to wear a seat belt or be properly restrained in a child safety seat.

The campaign will run through November 29th.

During last year’s enforcement campaign, police issued over 26,000 tickets for seat belt and child restraint violations.


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