Destiny USA’s parent company, Pyramid Management Group, issued a statement on opposing Gov. Andrew Cuomo's decision to keep malls closed during Phase 4 of re-opening.

Cuomo said the state wants to study a possible relationship between air conditioning and the spread of COVID-19 before deciding whether to reopen these establishments.

In their statement shared with CNY Central, Pyramid said that HVAC systems in enclosed spaces, like shopping malls, are no more likely to spread the virus than systems in restaurants, barber shops, office buildings, museums and freestanding retailers that are already open. Pyramid feels that their facility is safe, and can handle customers once again.

"The quality of overall air circulation in our shopping centers, which also benefit from considerable open and airy corridors, is as good or better than those venues that have been allowed to re-open,” the statement read. “Numerous health and safety experts support the view that enclosed shopping centers present no greater risk of spreading the virus through their HVAC systems than standalone, freestanding retailers’ locations."


Pyramid Management Group, owns Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford. Sangertown is offering curbside pickup on many stores in the mall. So far, only stores that have exterior entrances to the mall have been open for business. We will keep you updated if this procedure changes. As of right now, the malls aren't fully open under Phase 4.

Sangertown Safety Tips

Sangertown has released a full list of safety procedures and tips on their website. On that list, is the requirement of masks, social distancing, and their proactive touchless disinfesting. You can read the full list online.


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