Correction officers at the Madison County Jail are being credited with the quick discovery of what was an escape attempt early Sunday afternoon.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office says 44-year old Michael Hernandez of Bridgeport tried to escape by creating a facsimile of himself on his bunk, disassembling the ceiling of his cell and exiting through it.

Officials say Hernandez was apprehended by officers before making it out of the cell, with his legs dangling overhead.

Acting Sheriff John Ball said that at no time was the public in any danger, nor did the facility’s inmate escape siren activate.

“Mr. Hernandez never made it out of the confines of the secure facility, but the evidence that was discovered clearly showed his intentions were not to stay in jail.  The fact that our corrections officers were conducting their rounds and remaining vigilant, as they always do, ensured the safety of not only the facility, but the public as well.  I commend the officers and supervisors on duty Sunday afternoon that were involved with this incident, as their decisive actions absolutely and abruptly brought this very serious matter to safe resolution” said Ball.

Hernandez, who was being held on a charge of criminal possession of stolen property at the time of his escape attempt, is now facing charges of attempted escape and criminal tampering.


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