The City of Utica is partnering with the Utica Center for Development to make $25,000 available to cover moving expenses for displaced Olbiston Apartments residents.

The funds can be used for traditional and non-traditional expenses.

Covered costs include financial assistance, furniture, storage and other unforeseen costs.

Officials say the resources are needed as Olbiston residents should not pay the price for the Olbiston owners negligence.

UCD is also donating furniture, clothing, appliances, transportation and other resources to contribute to the relocation of Olbiston residents.

Service providers have been notified of all the resources available to
Olbiston residents.

If any Olbiston tenants, or their advocates, have questions or
need to make specific requests for assistance, they can contact UCD at (315) 765-0975 ext. 202 or via e-mail at

The city says it will continue to work with Oneida County and other community partners to ensure all Olbiston residents are placed in clean and safe housing.

A majority have now been placed in either permanent, transitional or temporary housing.

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