Utica College Hockey Coach Gary Heenan joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Monday to cover his teams disappointing loss on Saturday at the AUD, plus rumors of an AHL team coming to Utica:

On Saturday's loss to Manhattanville:

  • "We played well enough to win. That's hockey."
  • NCAA Division III Hockey Tournament selection is next Sunday (3/3)

On an AHL team possibly coming to Utica:

  • It's something I've known about for sometime. Rob Esche and his group have been very open and honest with us.
  • ''Their intention is not to displace Utica College Hockey'', Heenand said.
  • ''For economic development that can happen, we're gonna support that for this city and this town.''
  • ''I don't think our fan base will be effected that much.''
  • "Obviously, our guys would love to be playing in front of their staff", referring to AHL coaches, etc, adding that it could lead to opportunity for UC players down the line in their careers.

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