Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - Local leaders gathered together at the Hart's Hill Inn in Whitesboro to honor those lost eleven years ago, during the attack on the World Trade Center Towers.

More than 300 people attended the 11th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast, hosted by the Genesis Group of the Mohawk Valley Region. The large crowd listened to prayers and speeches delivered by local community members, including Father Paul Drobin and Rome Fire Chief, Robert Brement.

Senator Joe Griffo was one of those attending today's breakfast.

"I think this is a good way to begin the day, as we try to observe and remember those who lost their lives and those who did so much on that day to continue to try to be helpful," Griffo said. "Despite the shock and the disbelief and the pain that we all suffered that day, you also saw the best in humanity here in our country."

But, it was Steve Redisch, executive director for Voice of America, whose keynote address struck a poignant chord. The former CNN employee was still at home when the first plane struck, but quickly made his way to work to help convey the situation to the American people. He said the incident sticks with him to this day.

"Things happen to people and lives change immediately," Redisch said. "What we saw on September 11th was exactly that for humanity but on a much grander scale where, all of a sudden, the world changes on a dime."

Redisch said on 9/11, many national news stations were stunned, but tried to convey information and provide a reflective outlet for a nation in shock.

"I look at it as patriotic," Redisch said. "We are upholding the first Amendment, we are projecting the First Amendment, and the news media itself is the embodiment of the First Amendment to the Constitution."

The event concluded on a solemn note, as Taps was played just prior to 8:46 a.m., when the first plane struck the north side of the North Tower.