NBC's America's Got Talent will feature local illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low tonight starting at 9 p.m. and it's 'do or die' in the semi-final round.

WIBX and WKTV will host a viewing party tonight and Wednesday night starting at 8 p.m. at Tony's Pizzeria and Sports Bar in Washington Mills.  Tony's will have 30 televisions playing the show throughout the facility and WKTV's Don Shipman will have live updates from New York City.

Etienne and Low will perform tonight and viewers will have the chance to vote starting at 10:55 p.m. and the results will be announced tomorrow night starting at 9.  6 of the 13 acts performing tonight will advance to the finals.

Here's how to vote tonight after the show airs:


10 times per phone line. A phone number will be allocated to Leon and Romy at the end of the show.  That is the number you call to cast your vote for them. Example:  1 landline phone and 1 cell phone = 20 votes


 www.nbc.com/americasgottalent/ vote10 votes per email address on www.nbc.com/americasgottalent/ voteExample: 1 home email address and 1 work email address = 20 votes

ON TWITTER: 1 vote per twitter account.

CLICK HERE!  A personal message for YOU from Leon and Romy!