Acting on a tip, police arrested two people for alleged drug use after surveilling the parking lot of a doctor's office on Old Burrstone Road in Utica.

An investigator with the Utica Police Department allegedly saw a man and woman in a vehicle in the parking lot.  The two appeared to be snorting a substance with a rolled-up piece of paper.

According to a posting from Utica Police, "The investigator would confront the two occupants and recovered a plastic ziplock baggie of heroin, a plastic card which had the residue of a brown powdery substance on it, and glass smoking device which contained residue with marijuana."

The two were subsequently arrested and identified as 20-year old Sierra Corney of Roberts Road in Clinton and 21-year old Koda Boivin of State Route 12B in Deansboro.

Both were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree.  Boivin was also charged with unlawful possession of mariujana.

Photo Credit: Utica Police
Photo Credit: Utica Police