The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica has a list of the 12 most endangered historic buildings and now the list has been reduced to 11.

The Ivy Cottage on the corner of Genesee Street and the Parkway was demolished this week by the owners who said it would cost too much money to restore.

Here are the remaining 11, according to the Society:

  1. RUTGER PARK building Munn House
  2. #3 RUTGER PARK building Miller-(Roscoe) Conkling-Kernan House
  3. The NEW CENTURY CLUB building, 253 Genesee Street.
  4. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS building, 307 Genesee Street
  5. MECHANICS HALL building, corner of Liberty and Hotel Streets
  7. “OLD MAIN” – THE UTICA STATE HOSPITAL building, ca.. 1842
  8. 1513 GENESEE STREET at the southwest corner of Jewett
  9. The DOYLE HARDWARE building, ca. 1881 AND 1901 – 330 Main Street
  10. The BAGG’S SQUARE MEMORIAL Park building, built in 1933
  11. The UPTOWN THEATER – Genesee Street South Utica

Learn about these buildings and the severity of their threat by visiting the Landmark Society's website.

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