Thursday, July 7, 2016


6 AM Hour

An African American man was shot to death in Minnesota on Wednesday during a traffic stop. The man's girlfriend jumped on Facebook Live immediately after, as Philando Castile was dying next to her

Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers has an update on the Clinton and Trump campaigns

The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica is hosting an Open Mansion event this Sunday

Checking in with the Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin

7 AM Hour

Former George W Bush speech writer Ned Ryun weighs in on the FBI decision not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton

Micaela Parker, reporter for the Utica OD, was covering the Sarah Ferguson trial. She gives her perspective on testimony and the verdict

Keeler has audio from the Facebook Live Stream immediately after Philando Castile was shot and killed in St. Paul

We discuss the audio of the Philando Castile shooting and the reaction of the man's girlfriend

8 AM Hour

Our Beer Man, John Naegele, is growing - actually drinking - a White Aphro.

Does airport security actually make us safer. Expert Kevin Mellot weighs in

Rick Zuccaro is the man behind the piano at this weekend's fundraising concert for The Stanley

Keeler responds to text messages over his comments on the Philando Castile shooting

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