Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Weird weather in the Valley yesterday. Plus, Cuomo's slip of the tongue may have some a bit confused about economic investment in Utica.

More on the Cuomo audio slip-up and Stephen Colbert debuted in his new role last night.

Utica Zoning Board of Appeals has approved a special permit for a new mosque in Utica. Bobby O calls in about a voter registration drive in Cornhill.

Checking in with Peter Franklin the Gabby Cabby.

7 AM Hour

Rowan County, KY Clerk Kim Davis is out of jail and her supporters hosted a bit of a pep rally to welcome her back to freedom on Tuesday. Callers weigh in on the topic. And, we hear from Brandon Lang with some of his week 1 NFL top picks.

We continue our Kim Davis conversation with Mario.

  The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica is hosting a fundraising murder-mystery event this weekend.

8 AM Hour

A recap of the local high school football's opening weekend with Ron Moshier from the Utica OD.

Primary candidates get a final word, part 1. In this segment we hear from Herkimer County Sheriff's candidate James Palumbo then all five Rome Mayoral candidates: Joe Fusco, Jackie Izzo, Michael Brown, Lou Daniello and Ramona Smith.

Candidates final word part 2: Up next, Herkimer County sheriff's candidates Dan Reardon, Chris Farber and Utica City Court Judge candidates Chris Giruzzi and Joe Saba.

A former frequent caller of Keeler's in his past radio life has found him again.

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