Opting for the diet, no-calorie soda may seem like a no brainer if you're looking to loose weight and still want a carbonated cola, but are you really helping yourself?

Many experts say 'no'.

Dr. Lori Shemek joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to explain why you're better off drinking a regular sugar-laced soda, than a diet option. The answer is, those artificial sweeteners - be in aspertame, sucralose or saccharine - are feeding the bad bacterial in your gut that make you fat and can lead to diabetes, Shemek said.

''You'll experience metabolic conditions down the road like diabetes, weight gain, obesity...high blood sugar or insulin resistance, which tend to lead to other health conditions,'' Shemek said.

So, the recommendation is drink regular sodas loaded with sugar?

Well, if you insist on soda, Shemek says 'yes', go with the sugar over the sweetener. She cautions, though, ''If you know my work, I do not recommend sugar.''

Same when it comes to fruit juices, which Shemek called a slight step above soda when it comes to its 'healthiness'.

While discouraging the consumption of the artificial sweeteners mentioned above, Shemek seemed to favor another new sweetener that we're hearing more about lately, Stevia.

And, although, she doesn't think you drink diet sodas, she doesn't believe that these drinking these sweeteners will cause cancer:

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