A School Resource Officer associated with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office had a busy day Wednesday as he responded to two large fights at the Madison-Oneida BOCES in Verona.

Sheriff's Office officials say the initial altercation among students began at approximately noon. Officials say the School Resource Officer responded to the initial brawl. While he was responding to the first fight, officials say the SRO got word that another fight had broke out. The Sheriff's Office learned the second fight involved student and a parent.

After learning of the additional fight, officials say the School Resource Officer immediately responded to it. The Sheriff's Office says there were several reports that the parent involved in the dispute was in possession of a handgun. The Sheriff's Office is looking into that claim, but has not been able to determine the validity of that claim.

When the Sheriff's Office learned about the possibility of the handgun the Criminal Investigations Unit became involved in the investigation. It was determined by Oneida County Sheriff's officials that there was no immediate threat to the school community. The investigation is ongoing.

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