It's two weeks from Christmas and we've seen but a dusting of snow in the Mohawk Valley and this weekend temperatures are in the lower 50s. Inevitably, snow is on the way with colder temperatures and that might come this week.

It's still just a possibility, but the National Weather Service is looking at conditions that could produce a classic significant snow event for the northeast coming the middle of this week. Currently, this potential storm is developing over the southwest and through the south, and then depending on the exact track, it could work its way up the coast and develop into a classic Nor'easter.

The potential storm, if it lines up perfectly, could bring significant snow to the Mohawk Valley, which has been starved of an excessive accumulation storm over the last few years.   However, there's also the possibility that the storm makes the ever so slight turn that allows for temperatures to remain mild and if that happens we'll see all rain.

Stay tuned, the possibility is there for snow, which could result in a white Christmas. More details will, follow as we move into the week.


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