There are different types of people in the fall.  There are pumpkin spice people and there are apple cinnamon people.  This list is for the latter.

It feels like there are so many different drinks and desserts that feature pumpkin spice around this time of year.  But what about when you're looking for something to do with another fall treat?  This is the perfect time of year for apples.

The possibilities are endless

Have you ever seen the movie Forrest Gump?  If not, there's a scene in there where Forrest's new friend Bubba explains why he likes shrimp so much.  There are just so many ways to prepare it.  He goes on and on for what seems like days in the movie about shrimp.

It's the same thing with apples.  While they're normally used for dessert and they're perfect for that, they're also a perfect complement to something savory like pork chops.  They're great on things and they're great all by themselves.

Now is the time to get picking

The perfect time to pick apples is from late summer to late fall.  Some varieties will start to be ripe for picking in late August and others will be ready at the end of October.  There is a perfect chart to show you many of the different varieties, what they're good for, and when they're available by clicking here.  Obviously, you'll want to check with the orchard where you will be picking before going to make sure that your variety is ready.  Because it depends on the climate, they might be available in one place and not available in another.

Looking for recipes?

If you've already given a ton of apples away to friends and you're still left with a bunch, maybe it's time to try something different with them this year.  Here are a bunch of options for you that include everything from dessert options to something a little more savory.

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