Friday, February 14, 2014

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Valentine’s Day!  Hope you’re ready.

School Closings and Delays

It's a steady snow still in the area.  The roads are slick.

Willie Waffle Looks at 4 Bad Movies

80's Remakes: 'About Last Night,'  'Endless Love' and 'RoboCop.'  There's also a non-remake movie, 'A Winter's Tale'

Reporter Gives His Take on the NFL and Michael Sam

A very interesting perspective on this story.

The Charter School in Utica

Councilman Joe Marino is against it, he's in studio.  ALSO, reps from the Charter School are in studio, as well.

Councilman Marino:

Frank Sheldon, Chris Johnson and Dorothy Porteus:

 Javon Wameling Sentence Was Handed Down Yesterday

7 1/2 to 15 years.  This is the guy who failed to report his missing child for two weeks.  We later found the child had fallen and he disposed of the body in the Mohawk River.  It's been difficult for people to understand such a small sentence for such a horrific case.

In studio:  Lt. Steve Hauck, Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara and OD Reporter Rocco LaDuca.

This was a compelling interview.

Governor Cuomo's Aid Gets to Carry a Concealed Weapon into the State Building

And now he has a waiver.  This seems to be a real double standard as another state employee was punished for bringing a gun into the state building, not to mention - no citizen with a concealed permit is allowed to come in with a gun.  This story seems to have legs.  We spoke with the reporter who broke the story for the Albany Times Union.   Read our story and then listen to the interview.  If you're bothered by double standards and/or the NY Safe Act, this story might really interest you.

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