Monday, March 17, 2014

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Topics today...

Senate Budget proposal will hurt local schools?

Malaysian Jet was intentionally diverted

Russian Media Head says they could turn U.S. into radioactive dust

Head of Westboro Baptist Church is ready to die - what will God think when he arrives?

Ray Stagech from the Weather Channel

Ray says milder temps are on the way, but it might cool off again for the weekend.  Single digits this morning are not seasonable.

Bob Roth - Our Syracuse Guru

Bob says Syracuse is lucky to be a #3 seed.  How far will they go?

Brandon Lang is the Inspiration for the movie, "Two for the Money"

The movie is about sports betting.  Brandon makes his picks for the NCAA Tourney.

The Senate Budget Proposal is Bad for Local Schools

Dr. Rick Timbs says this budget proposal steals from our children.

Polling - Richard Hanna vs. Claudia Tenney

A poll was done, according to, that shows Hanna would win by a large margin.  Here's the story.

National Cash Register (NCR) on the Weather Effecting the Economy.

Jon Lawrence is a CNY native.  He says the weather has been touch on business.

Correction: During the interview with Jon Lawrence we told you that NCR was no longer National Cash Register, even though it's referred to NCR Corporation. Also, we failed to mention that they are a global technology company.

Ed Welsh Heard I Owned a Yugo

And he sent me this.  Funny.

(Photo by Bill Keeler - WIBX)
(Photo by Bill Keeler - WIBX)






High School Basketball Weekend

Ron Moshier from the Utica Observer Dispatch is on with with Notre Dame's Mike Plonisch and Emily Durr.  Plus, NY Mills coach Michael Adey.

Utica Budget and Taxes

Samantha Colosimo-Testa is on to talk about her proposed freeze on borrowing.

Mohawk Valley EDGE on a Grant Program

Jennifer Waters is on to talk about the program which could help homeowners.

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