Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Topics for today-

Winter Storm Warning - A lot of snow expected

A 911 Call, Man and family trapped by mean cat

City of Utica Budget Forum heated

Justin Bieber Disrespectful when arraigned

Ray Stagich of the Weather Channel

A big storm predicted for Wednesday and Thursday.

Justin Bieber

This kid is out of control. Is this how kids are today?

Pat Vincent of Vincent's Heating On Air

Pat talking about whether or not there is a 'wood pellet' shortage. Very informative.

Claudia Tenney Is Running for Congress?

This was a big topic and we learned a lot. Pat Bailey, now of the NY Post, has some info on this:

School Districts in Financial Trouble

Utica School Finance Official Maureen Albanese explains the very difficult situation Utica and other schools are involved with.

Utica City Republican Chair on Claudia Tenney

Joe Hobika said he feels Claudia best serves her Assembly District and Richard Hanna is best served in Congress.  He also talked about the problem that would occur if Claudia's Assembly seat was vacated.

Conservative Blogger Peter Fusco On Air

Talking politics and his blog from Albany.

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