Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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What a Crazy Super Bowl Commercial that played in Georgia  

Syracuse with a Huge Win Last Night

They beat Notre Dame Last Night and Trevor Cooney was unbelievable.  Bob Roth was on the air.

Scot Hayes from New York Sash on the Home Show This Weekend at Turning Stone

Plus Brett and Wayde from the Animal Planet TV show "Tanked" will be on hand for a meet and greet.  WIBX is giving away the two meet and greet tickets.

Furniture Store Owner Loses $7 (M) million dollars on a Super Bowl Gamble

This was no insurance deal.  He has to refund everybody their money after Denver lost. Here's the story and the news report and video.

Barbara Walters is Defending Woody Allen - Says She Can't See Him Molesting a Child

This is all based on what she's seen.  Keep in mind, Woody hooked up with his 17 year old step daughter.  They're married.  Barbara Walters said she just can't see it!  She's getting pounded for that comment and it started a firestorm on The View.  Here's the story from the View, plus the video.  Could you imagine if a guy publicly announced that he didn't believe an alleged  molestation victim's story.  Keep in mind, Woody married his step daughter.

A Caller Claims that We're Losing Jobs at DFAS

True? We're being told that it isn't true. However, we were also told that there is a proposal that has been out for the last 3 years that would ultimately close the Rome facility and people are now getting wind of that possibility.  Local leaders are reportedly looking at a possible upcoming BRACC decision, which could come in 2015 and they're simply trying to be proactive.

George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match

We just had the promoter of the fight on-air, Damon Feldman.  They're looking for an opponent for Zimmerman.

Hermin Garic Competed in the Miami Marathon

And he won!  Here's the interview with Herman.