Here’s a wrap-up of Tuesday’s Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX. Plenty of phone calls on the Education Open Forum at Whitesboro High School and on the issue of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Today’s VIP Club Gripe: Pride
It seems that pride is now in the way for both Democrats and Republicans over the Government shutdown.  It doesn't seem like there's an easy solution that allows both side to save face.  Therefore, PRIDE is more important than doing what's right.
This Day in History:  click here

Team CeeLo selects Shawn Smith on The Voice

Here's a story and here's his performance from last night

The Voice of Siri is a Clinton Native

We'll have her on-air soon.  The voice of Siri is Susan Bennett from Atlanta and it just so happens she's from Clinton, NY.  Letterman talked about her last night and included Siri in his Top 10 List.  This is actually the voice of Susan Bennett, who recorded the Top 10 list for the Late Show.

Senator Joe Griffo's Education Forum Was Heated Last Night

Parents and Teachers were heated last night as they listened to State Ed Commissioner John B. King.  We'll cover the topic on Wednesday with Education Experts on-air.

Here's a WKTV Report from last night

Matt Episcopo is a local magician and Success Coach

On air talking about his forum at Holiday Inn on October 19th.
International corporate trainer, speaker, entertainer and author of the best selling book “The POWER Persuasion System”, Matt Episcopo, is hosting a live training event in Utica, NY.  A limited number of FREE VIP scholarship passes are available to members of the media, and to the general public.
Matt Episcopo’s “POWER2Profit” interactive presentation will enable virtually anyone to: Connect: take control of any situation, establish yourself as a leader and command respect;
Communicate exceptionally, even under the most difficult circumstances; and
Convert the people you meet into business relationships for life
The event will be held:
At the Holiday Inn, 1777 Burrstone Rd., Utica, NY
On Saturday, OCtober 19, 2013
From 8:00am-5:00pm
Participants must be registered in advance to attend. Register at:
Matt is available for interviews via telephone, video conference, or live in studio in advance of the training.
Matt Episcopo is a retired Sheriff’s Captain with more than 21 years of law enforcement and extensive leadership experience.  He is sharing more than two decades of experience and thousands of hours of highly specialized training through his interactive training sessions.  His specialty of interview and interrogation resulted in a high rate of confession on his cases.  Now, you can learn his secret techniques, in the form of an ethical persuasion system to get what you want in life, so you can have more money and spend more quality time with your family.
For more information:

Michael Lohan (Lindsey Lohan's Father) was On-Air at 7:10

Talked about his wife and her recent DWI and Lindsay's problems with drugs and alcohol. He said while his wife takes a cut from his daughter's pay, he does not.

Michael Lohan on WIBX:

NYS Education Town Hall Meeting at Whitesboro was Heated

We  fielded a lot of calls about Monday's night's forum featuring State Ed Commissioner John King.   [Audio will follow]

Affordable Care Act or Obama Care Questions Answered

M. Tracy Brooks of the NYS Family Planning Advocates answered 45 minutes of questions on Obama Care.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:


Alex Kogut Memorial 5K Run/Walk

Jennifer Bowman was in studio.  She’s the organizer.

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