Friday, April 1st, 2016


6 AM Hour

We open with a discussion about politics, and all things Trump today.

It is April Fool's Day and Keeler recalls the time he pulled off his all-time best April Fool's joke, in which he put out a press release that said that then-Mayor Edward Hanna had resigned.

A guy on YouTube turned a prank on into a marriage proposal.  Another guy faked a sneeze and sprayed a water bottle all over his computer screen.


Caller Vic from Utica calls in to talk about the minimum wage.  What is $15 an hour really going to be worth in 2025?

Willie Waffle reviews the minimum wage news and the movies.  The only thing good about "God's Not Dead 2," is that it proves, Wille says, that Robin Givens is still in the movie business.  It gets half a waffle.  He could not even watch "Meet the Blacks" so he got a refund on his ticket.

7 AM Hour

Brandon Lang gives us his NCAA Final Four picks.  He says, "I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, and it's orange."

The 'Cuseton shirts are still available:

Maria Kelso is running for Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney's seat in the 101st District.  She has worked as a legislative aide in Albany and said she is trying to make a difference.  Politics aside, Kelso will not comment on whether she thinks Syracuse will win or not.

Assemblyman Marc Butler joins us.  He says that there is still a lot of work to be done on the New York State budget.  "This is the worst budget process," he says, "since I have Albany."  Paid family leave is one of the issues that remains somewhat unresolved.  He goes with Syracuse to win.

Happy birthday to:

  • Shawn Cross from Remsen
  • Jennifer Jenny from Clinton
  • Kayla Ross from Utica

Congratulations to Shawn Cross who wins the gift certificate for a birthday cake from The Florentine Pastry shop in Utica.

Former WIBX-er Brad Davies, now a sportscaster in Houston, talks with us about Syracuse University's men's and women's basketball teams in the NCAA Final Four.  He has been a Syracuse fan since his childhood.  "To put this kind of a run together says a lot about Boeheim...what an amazing job..."  He agrees that Jim Boeheim has coached perfectly,  "Every button (he) hit was the right button."

8 AM Hour

Chris Dodge is Kylie Dodge's father.  Kylie is the 5-year-old who inadvertently coined 'Cuseton.  Alicia Dodge joins us as well.  The charity they decided on to receive the proceeds from the 'Cuseton T-shirt is the Kuyahoora Valley Foundation, which was started by her family.


Lt. Steve Hauck joins us to talk about gun laws.  Businesses can restrict access to those carrying weapons.

Hofstra University's Richard Himelfarb joins us to talk about Donald Trump and Election 2016.  "The only significant thing that could 'shuffle the deck'" he says, "is an indictment of Hillary Clinton."  Himelfarb says, "She's gonna win."

Dr. Mark Slavin of Slavin, Jackson, and Burns is in studio to talk about treatments for sleep apnea.

And Jim Rondenelli prods Keeler to re-visit an old April Fool's Day prank when he pretended to be a telephone repairman who was trying to "blow out the phone lines" to clean them.

Enjoy your day!



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