Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Today we get the movie review (yes, just one) from Willie Waffle, we also talk with the star of the Discovery Channel series "Amish Mafia," and we'll talk with Ron Wagner who is a local farmer in need.

***Today’s Topics***


- The weather will get colder over the weekend and Andrew got a call from a woman who was furious over the fact that Bill called the NYC cop a racist.


- The Boy Scouts in Upstate New York have for the first time, hired an openly gay camp counselor.


- We discuss the Easter holiday, hiding eggs, and do you say Happy Passover? We also get the Weather Channel forecast from Ray Stagich.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Furious 7 - The only movie opening wide this weekend because no one wants to battle Vin Diesel AND The Rock. We also talk to Willie about some Netflix news!

Before you go to the movies, be sure to visit:

Brandon Lang -

- Brandon is on to give is picks and analysis of the Final Four teams and who you should bet on.


- We get a call from Chuck and we announce the first People's Choice Award for 'Best Pastry.' And the winner is...

Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus - Amish Mafia

- We talk to the star of the Discovery Channel series "Amish Mafia" and he reveals some of what goes on in the Amish community.

The Music Game

- In this edition of "The Music Game," Bob is the contestant and he tries to win dinner for 2 and Holland Farms. The category is 50s music.


The Music Game (Part 2)

- Before we get to round 2 of "The Music Game," we talk about Ted Nugent and his latest conservative claim.

Ron Wagner - Wagner Farms

- Ron is a local farmer from Rome and he is at risk of going out of business due to some problems with his insurance company.

Steven Laff - Cyber Expert and CEO of

- Facebook is accused of tracking all users even if they've deleted their accounts.

Wrapping Up For The Week!

- We end with a few news stories, a Passover clarification, and a religious freedom story.