Friday, April 8th, 2016


6 AM Hour


Derek Bard still has a shot at the Master's but right now he is eight behind the lead.  Jordan Spieth is in the top spot.  We talk about Ernie Els' terrible performance, proving that even the greats can have a bad day.  Kristine points out the "Ernie Els" spoof of the Arnold Pamer on Twitter.

Is this really the last season of "American Idol?"


We talk about proper grammar.

Will Joe Load be able to throw the new the FX Matt Brewing Company's "Utica Club" sign light switch one the iconic sign is rehabbed?  Keeler will lobby Nick Matt and Melissa Camman for that.

Poor Ernie Els.  His historic worst at Augusta National inspired Keeler to get out his golf clubs.

A 104-year-old man becomes the oldest to get a tattoo.

Willie Waffle reviews the movies.  He gives "The Boss," which he calls "a riot of a movie," two and a half waffles.  "Hard Core Henry," he says, "is a mess."   It gets hald a waffle.  "Demolition" gets two waffles.

7 AM Hour

Bill Waskiewicz of Chester's Flowers joins us to talk about how the recent weather will affect spring planting.

Happy birthday to:

  • Maxwell Elliott from Hubbardsville
  • Loretta Hovanec from Utica
  • Dave Miller from Utica

Congratulations to Maxwell, Loretta, and Dave who all win a gift certificate for a birthday cake from The Florentine Pastry shop in Utica.


Nick Matt and Melissa Camman from the FX Matt Brewery are on to talk about the new Utica Club sign.

Thad in Oriskany tries his hand at the Free Money Question of the Day.  He won a gift certificate from Carmela's Cafe.  Keeler talks about the first time he was on the radio - in which he won a Big Mac from McDonald's for correctly answering a question.  That leads to a discussion of McDonald's slogans through the years.

Dr. Christopher Max is a local physician and general and vascular surgeon who is against the siting of a new hospital downtown.  He says, however, that he agrees that we need a new hospital.


8 AM Hour

Tiffany Sanders, Ph.D. joins us to talk about a new study that evaluates the personalities of people who tend to correct the grammar of others.

WNBA player Brianna Kiesel is a Utica native.  She will play her second season with the WNBA next year with the Dallas Wings.  She joined us this morning, speaking highly of her competitors.  The Keeler crew agrees that she is a class act.

Undefeated professional welterweight Sammy Vasquez joins us in studio along with Dominick Nicoterra.

There is an event in Little Falls this weekend.  Ann Marie Staring Walrath joins us to talk about #DebStrong, an event to benefit leukemia patient Debbie Kuehnle.  A kickoff will be held at the Elks Club tonight.

William/Bill in New Hartford tries for a hand at our Second Free Money Question of the Day.  He gets a certificate for dinner at Carmella's Cafe in New Hartford.

Enjoy your weekend!



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