Friday, July 18th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We have two big international stories including a full blown war in Israel and the Malaysian Airline flight that was shot down.

- Obama was giving a speech on transportation and after announcing the Malaysian Airlines tragedy and immediately began making jokes.

- The story of the 84-year-old man from Sauquoit goes camping at the family camp and he ended up lost and he has been recovered after several days. He is in rough shape, but will make a full recovery.

- A Utica man is being charged for beating his girlfriend with a belt and threatening to kill her with a knife.

- A man in Seattle caused $60,000 worth of fire damage when he set his laundry room on fire trying to kill a spider with a can of spray paint and a lighter.

- Andrew shares his story of almost catching his kitchen on fire.


- MSNBC anchor Crystal Ball (That will be important later) was pranked during their coverage of the Malaysian Airlines plane crash.

- A man called up claiming to be a military member eyewitness and ended up talking about Howard Stern's rear end, then calls her a dumb ass. Crystal Ball didn't see that one coming.


- At a recent concert country artist Tim McGraw was caught on video slapping a woman for grabbing his crotch.

- Weird Al did an interview with Fox Business, but it didn't go so well.

- Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down and this is the second tragedy for Malaysian Airlines in months.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Before we get to Willie we talk about a recent interview with Edward Snowden. According to him the NSA is saving and circulating people's nude photos.

- We have Willie weigh in and he gives the Weekend Movie Reviews!

- Willie Reviews These Films:

Planes: Fire and Rescue - Dusty the crop duster is back, but his racing career is over, so he joins the Fire and Rescue team.

Sex Tape - Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal make a sex tape to spice things up, but it is accidentally sent to everyone they know.  Does that mean Cameron Diaz will now become a reality TV star and marry Kanye West?

The Purge: Anarchy - A group of people try to survive as citizens are allowed to break any law they want for the night.

Go to Willie's Website:

Melanie Ross Mills - Relationship Expert

- This study has shown that people tend to be friends with people who have a similar genetic make up.

- People also are drawn to people as friends based on smells.

- Ultimately, the interview was a bomb and we moved on.

- How much money do you have to make to be happy in New York State?

- In order to reach a level of happiness in New York you have to make $90,000, then it peaks. Any more than that won't make you any happier according to this.


- If you haven't already catch up on all the episodes of Plate Night! They're on our website and it features all the best CNY restaurants.

- Jerry Sandusky's adopted son speaks out for the first time in three years. He did an exclusive interview with Oprah.

- He talks about the overnight visits. He said the visits were good except for bedtime. It was the ideal family life, until he began his nightly ritual.

- This Jerry Sandusky situation really took a toll on Penn State and reputations of those involved.

Joe Marino - Utica Councilman

- Joe talks about the construction on the parkway along the race course.

- He was told everything would be done by the day of the race, however these were still cones on the parkway on Sunday.

- Joe says that issues like this are always the responsibility of the city's leader (The Mayor).

Joe Marino - Columbia Square

- Bill asks about Columbia Square and what can be done to improve harsh conditions all over Utica.

Governor James S. Gilmore III - Malaysian Airlines Tragedy

- Gov. Gilmore III is a former Governor of Virginia.

- He is blaming incidents like this on poor national leadership.

- We talk about the possible options of American intervention, but the cellphone line went out.


- Jim calls up to comment on the Stephanie Miner story in Syracuse with regards to her letter to Obama asking to send some of the migrant children to Syracuse.

- We talk about what could happen as a result of this.

- Bill's in a negative mood in regards to studies. If a study comes up, Bill asks why is there a study about that?


- Jeff gives his opinion on the weather and we discuss this Summer so far and we talk about how odd the weather has been behaving.

- A study shows another reason why people should not smoke. People who "spark up" more, have a higher chance of killing themselves. Is that true?

- We give statistics on who smokes today including specific demographics.

- Martin calls in to weigh in on this topic. Or at least he tries to.


- Wrapping up for the week with a contest and it didn't go according to plan, but we had two winners Stella and JoJo.

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