Friday, March 24th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers from Fox News Radio is on this morning to talk about Fortune Magazine's release of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders...and Trump is not on it.

- Willie Waffle is OUR weekend movie reviewer. He joins us this morning to give us the skinny on what's going on at the box office this weekend. Willie Waffle is brought to you by Honest John's Hot Dogs and Polish Kielbasa.

Life - A space exploration team finds an extraterrestrial life form and it might be coming to destroy Earth. - 2 1/2 Waffles

Chips - Remake/parody of the classic 1970s show. - 1 Waffle

Power Rangers - Remake of that TV show. - 1/2 Waffle

7 AM Hour

- Anthony Brindisi joins us in studio to discuss the delay of announcements from the Governor. Good things are coming, but we must wait. He says that some sort of announcement may still be coming today. We also discuss the proposed Health Care plan up for a vote today.

- Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara joins us this morning to discuss the case that was brought up by a caller yesterday on the program. A man with brain cancer allegedly has been threatening a man who he had a feud with in the past.

- Former Congressman Mike Arcuri is on this morning to give us his take on the current proposed Health Care bill. He starts by stating that it's hard to follow all the changes being made to it.

8 AM Hour

- Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente joins us this morning to discuss briefly the delay of the Governor's announcements and then we talk with him about how the proposed health care bill will impact the county.

***Joe Griffo joins us this morning for the rest of the hour to discuss a number of issues.***

- Kevin Magmanti joins us this morning. He is the son of the man who called yesterday to talk about his son's case with another man he's been feuding with. We bring Mark Leuthauser in from the Peacemakers Program to the conversation to see if there can be some sort of mediation.


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