Friday, September 9th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Busy show on tap this morning. We'll hear from several political candidates and touch on several 9/11 related stories with to mark the 15th anniversary this weekend.

An appalling mattress store advertisement relating to 9/1. The Texas store was planning a Twin Tower Sale...This video says it all:

Utica Fire Chief Russ Brooks on a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on Sunday. They're still looking for volunteers to read the names of the fallen.

Willie Waffle reviews this weekend's movie releases. Willie says the only thing worth seeing is 'Sully'.

7 AM Hour

Barb calls in to say 'Hello' to Tim Reed and she's sick of looking at the back of Monaski's head. Plus, Tim is in studio talking about his trip to Flint, Michigan where he an other local runners participated in the 40th annual Crim Festival of Races. He brought along a NYS Broadcasters award that WIBX received (an award we're sharing with the community) for the bottled water drive we held earlier this year in the wake of Flint's water contamination crisis.

Dan Enea, a funeral director in Herkimer County, is hosting a 9/11 First Responders picnic from 1-4 on Sunday at the Mohawk American Legion.

Incumbent Herkimer County DA Jeff Carpenter joins us. He'll responds to several allegations made by his challenger, Mike Daley. And he talks about why he didn't engage in a debate this week with Mike Daley.

8 AM Hour

Maria Kelso joins us by phone. Yesterday we spoke with her primary opponent in the 101st Assembly district. We get her final thoughts on the campaign trail before Tuesday's GOP primary.

Matt Nimey of Nimey's The New Generation is in studio discussing this weekend's St. George Mediterranean Festival in New Hartford.

Continuing with our interviews with primary candidates ahead of next week's elections, Herkimer County Assemblyman Marc Butler joins the show by phone.

Steve Hale of Steve's Restorations and Hot Rods will be at The Guy's EXPO next weekend at The Utica AUD. They're bringing 3 vehicles they restored while appearing on the History Channel's American Restoration show, along with other projects their working on. And, he's got details on the Professional Arm Wrestling event going on during the expo, as well.

We're excited to announce a new show launching this weekend on WIBX - Frontlines of Freedom, hosted by Lt Col. Denny Gillem. Please note WIBX will not air This Week in the Mohawk Valley at 10am on Sundays.


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