Monday, April 13th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- It was a wild and crazy news weekend for the Trump Administration and we get a full report on it from Rachel Sutherland (FNR).

- The number of cases of COVID-19 in the New York State Prison System is on the rise. NYSCOPBA officials are concerned and Central Region VP Bryan Hluska calls in with an update.

7 AM Hour

- Believe it or not there is still going to be an election in November and it looks like Trump vs. Biden. John Zogby joins us this morning to talk about what we may expect from the "campaigns" and the election.

- Cindy Chan Phillips is a nutritionist who is looking to do something good to give back to the medical professionals. She is working on a campaign to provide meals from local restaurants to feed those on the frontlines.

- We had a rough weekend when it comes to COVID-19 cases in Oneida County. Dr. Kent Hall joins us each week at the same time to answer all questions virus-related. We have him once again this week.

8 AM Hour

- There are several local charitable organizations that are continuing to provide services in the midst of this pandemic. Captain Al Kreuger of the Rome Salvation Army calls in this morning to give an update on what they're doing.

- President Trump's weekend included a retweet with #FireFauci in it. Jon Decker of Fox News Radio gives a recap of the President's weekend.

- We are finally able to catch up with Senator Joe Griffo. We discuss a number of topics with him including the state budget and how the negotiations of it were impacted by COVID-19.

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