Monday, August 18th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has gotten out of hand. Between the governor and chief of police are not helping matters.

- There are both peaceful and violent protests going on and there are so many unanswered questions.

- Some police officers that were trying to help people were having Molotov Cocktails thrown at them.

- It seems that in Ferguson there is still segregation, especially with the police force so we'll talk to Lt. Steve Hauck about minority relations here in Utica.

- John Zogby will be on to talk about the fact that Obama's numbers are actually up. It could be because of the fact he's on vacation.

- A Houston mom was mad because her son was ignoring his call so she downloaded an app that locks his phone until her son calls her back.

- She was upset with the fact that her son was ignoring her calls so she decided to develop the "Ignore No More" app. It allows her to lock her sons device so that he has to call his Mom to unlock it.


- Bill is having a terrible problem with chipmunks digging everything up in the lawn and garden.

- Bill has a plan to get rid of them that is not making his daughter happy. He has a ramp that has nuts on it and then there is a bucket of water that he sprinkles the nuts into the water so they drown.

- The chipmunks are even eating the lawn furniture! He has a problem with squirrels too!

- We also talk about the installation of the toilet in Bill's house and Kristine's experiences with new toilets as well.

- Tom calls in with his advice.


- A man from Pittsford, NY was charged with a DWI when the wood splitter detached from his car and hit another. A section of Trenton Rd. was shut down and he was charged with a DWI.

- Cops in Evansville, Indiana broke down a grandmother's front door with full riot gear and tied up the woman and adopted teenage daughter and arrest them in front of anyone. Because she did not have a password on her WIFI, and someone was making threats against police officers from her IP address.

- We play audio from the raid.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us our weather forecast and he doesn't see anything too hot in the future but states like Nashville, will have hot temperatures.


- There are ways to die and then there are ways to die. You don't want an unmanly animal killing you. She did not die though, a 24-year-old woman in Wisconsin climbed into a giraffes cage and she got kicked in the face.

- There is a NY Post article that claims based on percentages, that your child would be better off in a hot car than outside because of bad people. A crazy story and we wonder why the story exists.

- The Girl Scouts CEO is catching some flack because of a bonus she accepted while revenues plummet.

- The Pope was going to say mass in South Korea and refused special secure transportation and instead took a train.

Camara Clifton - Political Strategist

- Camara is on to talk about possible emails that were deleted about the progress and applications of Obamacare website crashes.

- We could give the staffer who deleted the emails the benefit of the doubt. The issue though is that there is no longer any trust between Americans and the government.

- We are finding that it is difficult to find good candidates to run and the people that ARE running, don't want to put in the work. This is on a local and national level.

- John Call In: John calls in to comment on his feelings in regards to Ferguson, MO. He talks about the fact that everyone is so quick to judgement. He adds that despite the fact that the young man was unarmed, there is video of Brown assaulting the convenient store worker.

- He talks about the fact that there is two sides to every story and political correctness.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- John and Bill compares this incident to the 60's. Even Utica had some Molotov cocktail issues at that time as well.

- We talk about the progress that still needs to be made in racial equality.

- We talk about the President's vacation time. John talks about the fact that all President's take a vacation and that doesn't mean they stop working. They still get a briefing, they are still working, they are still dealing with big issues.

- John talks about the history of Presidential vacations.

- This week the President's numbers are up. This week he had some successes especially with Iraq. John also feels that President Obama has handled the Ferguson situation correctly.John is giving Obama a B this week.John talks further about the Ferguson issue.


Tom Heiland - Utica Mack

- They have a truck on display at their business that is a 2015 Mack Pinnacle. On it is a beautiful mural in honor of the 70th anniversary of D-Day at Normandy.

- This truck is used for a motorcycle ride from Pennsylvania to Washington D.C. The ride is in honor of those who lost their lives in American wars.

- Tom invites any veteran to stop by today and take a look at the beautiful mural on this awesome truck!


- Andrew takes a ride in the truck and gives a description of the inside of the truck, and it is pretty awesome!

- He talks about the bed, the windows, and the amenities. Really nice. This truck is automatic because the transmission shifts on a computer based system so there is no clutch petal or shifter. It makes it a lot more quiet and it has bluetooth and everything.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck is on today to talk about the situation in Ferguson. We get a police officers perspective on the way the case has been handled so far.

- We talk about the video that was released of the shop in which Micheal Brown was stealing cigars. It was asked that the video was not released. The Dept. of Justice didn't want the video was released, the local police department did it anyway.

- The government is looking at it like we need to calm things down so that it doesn't become a national problem.

- We ask Lieutenant Hauck about the police officers name being released. He talks about the responsibility to protect suspects and people in question. He talks about a case he had where he waited to release the name based on threats.

- We talk about the timeline of events and the mentality of police officers. We talk about the training of police officers on deadly force and physical confrontations.

- Lt. Hauck talks about the element of Brown being unarmed. There are situations in which officers have and can kill an unarmed person. It all depends on how good the training was.

Andell Brown - Attorney

- Lt. Steve Hauck continues to hang out In Studio.

- Andell is on to give his legal opinion on how the Ferguson situation is being handled. He also talks about the military type style of law enforcement.

- Andell talks about this type of military response being unsettling and something we associate with war zones in the middle east.

- Lt. Hauck agrees that it's unsettling, but there is violence being used against law enforcement.

- Often the job that police officers do is reflective on their training. And Andell makes that a point.

- Bill addresses the issue of press conference background people. The police chief had white officers with him and the governor had black officers with him.

- Andell points out the problem of citizens of Ferguson and their lack of trust for law enforcement. The big problem is that the police officer story has not yet been released. The lack of transparency from the police department has exacerbated the problem even further.

Continuing with Lt. Hauck - In Studio

- We talk about the demographics of this police force in Ferguson and how difficult it will be to come back from this.

- You have not yet heard from this mayor or council members. It could be because they didn't want to associate themselves with this national attention.

- A lot of the protestors are probably not from Ferguson. It puts other lives at risk.

- We talk about Hauck's trip to Florida to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. He talked with Sanford Police about what happened and how they handled it. This was for training purposes.

Wrapping Things Up For The Day With Lt. Hauck

- We read some comments from Twitter and we take a call from William. William finds it interesting that the Dept. of Justice didn't want video and pictures released of the suspect, but had no problem with the officers names being released.

- Totally unrelated, we ask Lt. Hauck about the woman that was arrested for swearing at her kid in a store. She was most likely charged on disorderly misconduct or endangering the welfare of a child. Hauck uses the example of being a bad parent is not illegal.

- Lt. Hauck suspects that an indictment will be coming down for the officer in a few weeks.

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