Monday, June 9th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The Belmont Stakes took place this past Saturday and the triple crown contender California Chrome did not win.

- The winner of the Belmont Stakes was the horse called Tonalist.

- The owner of California Chrome was not pleased with the fact that a horse that was not in the other two races (Kentucky and Preakness) was allowed to run. He believes it's not fair.

- Wayne and JoJo call up to give their thoughts about the race and whether or not horses should be allowed to run in just one of the big races.


- The story of the 15-month-old child killed in a hot car was discussed. Should charges be filed?

- Jim Breuer was at the casino this past weekend and the show was phenomenal. He is one of the best story tellers of our generation. He opened his show talking about his friend Tracy Morgan, who is still in critical condition.

- We addressed the issue of the letter sent from the Ilion Mayor in the utility mayor.

- A list of bad legislators was released via email and the primary criteria for the list was the SAFE Act, however there were other reasons for some of the legislators listed, including Anthony Brindisi.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Before we got to Ray, Paul called up to talk about Claudia Tenney issue and the poor performance of the Obama administration.

- Ray gives us his forecast which includes more dry then wet for the week and into the weekend.


- John calls up to discuss Congressional race. He starts off talking about the issue of Hanna refusing to debate.

- He also gives us his thoughts on the whole race and Claudia's political past.

- This topic is very important since the race is quickly approaching. The Oneida Nation has endorsed

- Our intern Ed Manne, researched a bit into the history of the Triple Crown and rules about horses running in the Belmont Stakes.


- It was a beautiful weekend!

- We have five qualifiers for Yankees/Red Sox Tickets we'll narrow it down later on.

- 89 year-old-man snuck out of his nursing home and on the 70th anniversary went and met up with friends after the nursing home told him he couldn't take the tour to Normandy.

- A 23-year-old woman found in a car in Syracuse had a needle in her arm who had been high on Heroin and there were two children in the car. Police discovered the drugs and needles in the car and the woman was passed out. The children were 1 and 2.

- We discuss the case in Dolgeville of the child found dead in the car.

- Musical artist Daughtry refused to sing a patriotic song when he appeared on FOX and Friends. He said that he was unprepared and the reason for them asking him to do this because they had extra time to kill.

- People are ripping on him for not doing the song, but he had a video respond. Bill feels that there was extra pressure and probably wasn't prepared.

- Tracy Morgan accident discussed and we talk about Jim Breuer concert over the weekend. One of the other comedians in the limo bus. Read More:

Beth A. Neale - Ilion Mayor

- She is the mayor of the Village of Ilion and there is a big election coming up. This could divide the community.

- There has been some criticism over the letter that was sent out in the Village of Ilion utility bill.

- We discuss the reason behind and the meaning of the newsletter.

- We addressed the reference to the firing in the letter as well. She gives an explanation for that.

- Mayor Neale does not feel the letter was political. She addresses the rumors she talks about in the newsletter.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Before we got to Ron we discussed the continuing idiocy by GM and when sending out the recall notices, they neglected to remove the family of the victims killed by the malfunction from the recall notice list.

- Ron talks about how great Oriskany's season went and gives a recap of the weekend.

- It wasn't a pretty win for Clinton but they did win.

- We talk to Ron about pitch counts and local players having early "Tommy John" surgery.

Robert McLean - Syracuse VA Medical Center

- How is the Syracuse VA Center being effected by the scandal. Syracuse VA handles about 13 counties including the Utica/Rome area.

- They are doing very well to follow procedures and get people in a timely fashion and they get the highest satisfaction rating in the country.

- If they can't do something to help one of their own out, they will go to the right lengths to make sure they receive treatment.

Ron Edwards

- Ron is going to be speaking in Utica to the Mohawk Valley Patriots.

- Ron is a nationally syndicated radio host and is speaking about the Seven Pillars of our Society that must be rebuilt.

- According to him a lot of people feel it's too late for America, and he feels that things will be getting better.

- Ron talks about New York being open for business.

- The media needs to re-calibrate according to Ron. Ron believes that Obama is the worst President in history and the media needs to stop defending him.

- Bill and Ron talk about the differences between conservative media vs. liberal media.

- Ron talks about Hanna and Tenney congressional race. He talks about Richard Hanna's voting record and says basically we'd be better off with a democrat.

Wrapping Things Up For The Day

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