Monday, March 30th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- What is the status of COVID-19 around the globe? We speak with Simon Owen (FNR) from London about how other countries are dealing with this crisis.

- The Government is continuing to respond as best they can to the continued spread of COVID-19.

7 AM Hour

- There are several concerns about the fact that millions of older Americans live in counties without ICU beds. We speak with Health Analyst Dr. Katie Jarvis about this very real concern.

- We are joined once again this week by Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS. The Chief Physician Executive tells us what the latest is on COVID-19 at MVHS and answers listener questions.

8 AM Hour

- The Federal Government has finally passed a Coronavirus relief bill. We speak with Congressman Anthony Brindisi on what it means, who will get paid and other issues.

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