Monday, November 14th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Donald Trump on 60 Minutes. Plus, Trump taking flack for one of his staffers in particular, Steve Bannon of Breitbart News - story here.

Plus, everyone is talking about the Supermoon - story here, but Monaski can't see it?

Leon Russell has passed - story here - as has Robert Vaughn, of the show UNCLE - story here. Plus, some funny moments from Dave Chappelle on SNL

Highlights of Trump's appearance on 60 Minutes. Here's the full interview:

Fox's Rachel Sutherland on two of Trump's staff members being announced. Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus - story here.

Playing highlights of Trump's 60 Minutes interview. Monaski is in shock over one of the President-elect's comments about the Clinton's

7 AM Hour

Caller Mitch weighs in on the audit of Utica's Valley View Golf Course. He wonders if it's being run like a business

Professor Allan Saxe reacts to the post election protests across the country. He says he was also surprised that Donald Trump won.

Our FREE Money Question of the Day - Which is the brightest star in the night sky? Answer - Alpha Centauri

Scott Bixby is a 2011 Hamilton College grad who is a reporter with The Guardian US. He'll be speaking at Hamilton tonight.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol and MVCC Dean Mary Ann Buttenschon in studio regarding a presentation this week at the college. Thursday there is a special presentation for professionals from 8-9 AM, and a presentation for the community happening from 9:30-10:30 AM

8 AM Hour

Ron Moshier of the Utica OD recaps Whitesboro's 45-18 win over Union Endicott in the state football tournament. The Warrior's will play in the state semi-finals this Friday against 11-0 Greece Athena at CNS at 8:00PM.

Melissa Hardiman of Hospice stops in. They're looking for volunteers. If you have questions or are looking for more information you can call 735-6484 ext 241.

Stephanie Abrams Cartin is the CEO of Socialfly. She's talking about the impact of social media and its impact on political views.

Olivia, our intern from New Visions program at BOCES stops in. She's on her final week with us and wants to work in media, but right now she isn't sure in what capacity. Of course, that's why she's interning...

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